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Come Learn With SB

Mentoring & Learning Services 

Designed for aspiring floral designers and floral entrepreneurs
We offer 1 on 1 learning sessions to aspiring or seasonal designers and business consulting to

anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. 

 Tell us what you want to learn and we will show you the way.  If you're eager to learn, we are eager to teach.



 Do you want to brush up on flower care and identification or want to learn, new to you, design mechanics, such as gluing corsages, boutonnieres, constructing large scale pieces, using chicken wire or foam free pieces. Perhaps you want to learn how to instal large scale pieces or how to order flowers or draft profitable recipes. Tell Melissa what you want to learn and she'll show you the way. 

Need help on the business side? 
Are you ready to take your floral business to the next level? Let us help you by showing you creative  ways to attract the right clients and retain them. Maybe you need a little help drafting profitable and timely quotes for clients. Or  you just need help with social media and the marketing aspect of your business. We can introduce you to techniques that will help you become a successful floral entrepreneur. 

Tell us what you want to learn and we will draft a custom program for you. 

Sessions start at $400* for a 120 minute session.

*Fresh flowers are extra for session that includes designs.

New to design and starting fresh? visit our sister site

The Floral Design Lab

Tell us a little about yourself, your time in the industry, and what you'd love to learn from  Melissa 

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